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Developmental Services

Promoting Independence and strengthening families

Cornerstone Support Services provides one-to-one and small group services to Adults who have a developmental/intellectual disability.  We believe that each and every person has a right to be fully included in their community.  Cornerstone Support Services believes that all people have abilities, interests and dreams. We acknowledge that every person should be supported and encouraged to pursue their personal desires, have a full and meaningful life and share in all rights of citizenship.

We work with the family understanding that they are essential to the success of the planning process and assisting their loved ones to meet the desired goals.  However, we also recognize the difficulties of families as they try to balance work and home life with the demands of trying to be everything to everyone. Cornerstone Support Services works to strengthen family relationships by reducing stress and managing the support team who are implementing the support plan.  This allows families to be just family members and promotes the independence of their loved one. Additionally, we provide opportunities for planned periods of rest through our respite support services.

Services can be provided in a variety of settings:

  • The family home where the support plan will focus on building independent living skills, including personal hygiene, meal preparation and light homemaking skills.
  • In the Community developing skills in transit training, social and recreational activities, shopping and meaningful day activities.
  • One to One Support or small group activities offered on a weekly basis (see calendar for all scheduled activities).

Community Participation Supports

Cornerstone Support Services is able to plan with adults who will be or have already graduated from high school and are seeking alternative day options.  Services are available to assist in planning meaningful day opportunities including skill development, learning appropriate community interactions and relationship development to promote positive social interactions.

Families in receipt of PASSPORT Funding and who are seeking meaningful day activities will benefit from the small group activities planned on a daily or weekly basis.  Individuals interested in exploring this option will be matched with two other individuals who share like interests, promoting socialization, collaboration and relationship building.  

Cornerstone Support Services Support Workers are educated, experienced and have passion for working with families and individuals.  They will establish a relationship with you and your loved one, essentially becoming an extension of your family. All support will be documented showing progress towards goals and will be available for your review at anytime. 

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The Individualized Support Plan process:

  • focuses on the desires and strengths of the person
  • focuses on the overall family needs and develops a plan that fits the available resources
  • reflects what the person goals and dreams are building on their personal strengths