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Services for Seniors

Promoting Independence and strengthening families

Cornerstone Support Services provides support to families and their aging loved ones.  We understand that as we as we grow older, we are capable of living on our own; we just need a little assistance with some aspects of daily living.  We also recognize the stress on you as a family member as you struggle to balance home and work life while caring for your aging loved one.  Concern for their personal safety, social isolation and personal care can be overwhelming when you are you are doing it alone.

Cornerstone Support Services will provide a complimentary in home assessment to create a comprehensive personalized support plan that fits your and your loved ones needs and financial situation.  We offer a wide range of non medical services that focuses on promoting independence and reducing family stress.

Our goal is to assist with activities of daily living to ensure a safe and healthy environment promote longevity while remaining at home.  Often having some support in the morning, providing assistance showering, preparing breakfast and taking their medications may be all that is required. For others a sense of safety or assistance to continue to participate in social activities, shopping, light meal preparation and housecleaning may be more suitable. Additionally, others may be experiencing dementia, medical concerns or  have an illness and as such require more assistance throughout their day, we offer services up to 24 hours a day.  

In addition to activities of daily living, we provide professional companionship as seniors can become isolated and lonely over time.  Having someone there to have a conversation with makes a huge difference in their day, emotional well being and overall health.  Support Workers can provide social activities such as playing cards, working on hobbies, baking, gardening or contacting family and friends. Seniors want to continue to live full and meaningful lives and benefit from continuing with their favourite activities.  

Cornerstone Support Services is committed to working with both the aging person and their family to find a balance that strengthens the family unit and maintains positive relationships with peace of mind.  We will address all aspects of aging including activities of daily living, physical/emotional and dementia support. We ensure a safe home environment as well as provide transportation and support for community activities, social outings and accompaniment to medical appointments.

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Who can benefit from our services?

  • Individuals who due to aging or health reasons require support with activities of daily living, such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship, personal hygiene, social and emotional needs
  • Individuals who are experiencing dementia or living with Alzheimer’s disease or other acute or chronic illnesses or physical limitations
  • Respite for care providers