I would highly recommend Marie Benassi as the go to person when looking for care for family members.  Marie is a very passionate person when it comes for advocating for other people.  Marie has a friendly and approachable demure and will quickly make you feel at ease.  Because she is a great listener and has empathy for all family members you can be assured that she will work quickly to help make life better for all involved.
Marie is quickly able to assess situations and is able to put plans together that have everyone’s best interest at heart.  She is extremely intuitive and can easily look ahead and remove any road blocks that she can foresee before they happen.
No matter how busy Marie is she will always make you feel like she has time for you as she truly cares that everyone is getting the best possible care. 
She has helped me and my family in a time of crisis and I would turn to her again in the future if needed.
Marie Benassi and Cornerstone Stone Support Services are a true blessing!

Trish Hopkins – Flamborough

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Marie for 5 years. During our time together, I had the opportunity to personally experience the dedication and passion Marie put into everything she did. Marie made it easy to both respect her authority, as well as love her personality, which can be a difficult task for many people. Marie’s dedication to the work she does and people she supports is truly exemplary and is reflective of the values she encompasses. 


My mother Marie Guthrie passed away on September 9, 2011 at age 79. Prior to that she had been living as a resident in an assisted long term care facility in Northeast Toronto.  At the time when we realized my mother was unable to continue living alone, due to advancing Alzheimer’s, Marie was helpful in identifying issues and concerns that needed to be considered in determining the best long term care placement for Mom. After several years in the LTR,  my mother developed a C Diff infection and had to be transferred to William Osler Health Centre (formerly Etobicoke General) hospital, where she ultimately was cared for in the palliative care ward.  During this period Marie Benassi’s advisory services were also invaluable in providing me with counseling on what questions to ask her doctors regarding her care, to ensure my mother lived out the final stages of her life in a compassionate manner.   Without Marie’s assistance, this painful family transition would have been far more difficult.  Therefore I would highly recommend Marie’s services to assist any family confronting challenges with respect to the care of a family member.

Gary Guthrie

After working with Cornerstone Support Services for a very short period of time , and after having met the director/founder Marie, I can say with complete assurance and confidence that it is an incredibly reputable organization , with a very committed and passionate leader.

Robert Groen